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Dave I truly want to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. When I called you to remove bleach stains from my carpet that was spilled accidentally by my maid service in the middle of our master bedroom , you were positive in all aspects of your business to help us out, even after ( my wife tried to fix the stains herself with brown tea bags as you can see in the photos) When you arrived you were prompt, courteous,very professional and stated you would eliminate the tea bag brown residue neutralize and flush out the areas then slowly ad correct colors and bring the stains back to the original carpet color, and you were able to do just that and the results were a miracle! As a dentist my work is tedious,time consuming,detailed and what I saw in you reminded me of myself. Your expertise and attention to detail is beyond reproach and I feel very fortunate that I was able to connect with you on all levels of professional integrity, personality, and always give the customer the best service and result that you can based on your experience and training I would highly recommend you for any job,whether large or small in all areas of carpet issues and carpet dyeing repairs.You are the MICHELANGELO of carpet color repairs Tom Ford Carlsbad CA . Read more »

Pet Stains

Pet stains, urine stains can leave permanent carpet stains and sometimes can be impossible to remove without replacing the whole carpet, watch this video you will see this stain corrected and customer comments on the results and complete elimination of a common dog and cat problem.

Bleach Stains

Drips and drops of bleach and some store bought carpet cleaning stain removal products are a very common issue on carpets especially exiting bathrooms, laundry areas,hallways and bedrooms that are caused by homeowners and maid services, in this video watch how this carpet stain is corrected and virtually undetected as per customer comments and not having to replace this bedroom carpet.

Common Stains

This customer attempted to remove darker stains in the living and dinning rooms that turned white and also removed the carpet color by using a store bought product that included bleach she picked up under her sink by mistake so she removed the stains !!! but also removed the carpet color in this video you can again see and hear positive results and complete satisfaction as per customer and not having to replace a three year old light beige carpet.

More Bleach Stains

A bleach stain can totally alter the carpets color !! these are permanent stains whether white,yellow,pink or orange see this video on a newer carpet saving $$ not having to replace and or cut and patch this issue was corrected and eliminated the stains.

More Pet Stains Issue

On location repair more orange pet stains loaded in a home with carpet that is only six months old !! and customer comments on how we saved her thousands of dollars by color matching the stains back to the original carpet color.

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